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Individual Contributors

Peter Aaro-Hansen, Eileen Baldwin, Jerilynn Bedingfield, Baily Barash, Michael and Natalie Birnbaum,Nicole Burkes, Travis Calloway, Tom Chaffin, Jaehn Clare, Judy Condor, Jaclyn Costello, Liz Conesceau, Nena Couch, Dorothy Dabs, Baji Daniels, Susan Davis, Jennifer Denning, Nancy Forger, Bridget Griffin, Annete and Alvin Hazan, Randy Hazan, James Hickey, Michael Hickey, Cathy Hudson, Sandra Hughes, Pamela-Faith Jackson, Erik Johnson, Janet Kessler, Barbara Knott, Margareta Larsson, Peter Linsday, William Loventhal, Noel and Hud Marts, Donald and Jan Mees, Chris Moser, Suzanne C. Nelligan,

William Packard, Sarah Pallas, Tom Polk, Rex and Susan Pulford, John Rakauskas, Timothy Ralston, Leslie and Deedee Real, Vele Keyta Redding, Alexander Rothman, Walt Sado, Shelley Sado, Karen Simmons, Myles Smith, Debra Snell, Christina Spach, Tom Spach, Amy Stout, Shannon Turner, Sally Van Valzah, Steve Walton, Hilda Willis and Bret Wood


Organizational Contributors

                                                                         CoyoteCoexistence.com       Medtronic


For Their Support Of These Projects

People, Pets and Wild Animals

Programs for Underserved Youth and Adults

Arts Programs for Senior Citizens

Gateway Performance Productions' Programming is made possible in part by grant awards from  the Fulton County Commissioners with the guidance of the Fulton County Arts Council  & the City of Atlanta, Office of Cultural Affairs. Gateway is a member of Alternate ROOTS. Gateway is on the Georgia Council For The Arts Touring  Roster.
photo by: Jan Stittleburg
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